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The Statistics Are Daunting

Unemployment Statistics at a Glance

203.8 Million

Is the estimate number of people who are expected to be unemployed – worldwide – in 2018. The figure was approximately 197.7 million in 2016 and in the region of 201.1 million in 2017¹

stat one

7 Million

Is the current unemployment rate in the US (2017). And a staggering 76 million (16-74 year olds) were classed as economically inactive (in the first quarter of 2017)²

stat two

1.46 Million

Was the  unemployed rate between May and July 2017 in the UK. A shocking 19.2 million of the UK population is classed as economically inactive (that is more than 20% of the population)³


The Effects Are Devastating

Unemployment Effects at a Glance

Long Term

The longer it takes to find a job the harder it becomes. This can cause negative psychological consequences, such as loss of self respect, low self esteem, social pressures and uncertainty on future job prospects

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Immediate effect of unemployment is reduced income. This causes a strain on finances and reduces  spending power. People have little or no money to spend on luxuries, and their social life is negatively effected

stat two


Healthcare is expensive in many places around the world. This is a cause for concern for those on low incomes. Mental health is also effected with depression being one of the main consequences of being unemployed  


the predicament

You find your dream job. You fill in the application with enthusiasm. You then add your cover letter and resume. You hit send and wait. And you get the familiar canned response that you have seen countless of times before:
Unfortunately, on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful…
You are not alone. Over 200 million people are in similar situations. 
There could be hundreds or even thousands of applicants all competing for the same position. To succeed and bypass the competition, you need to know how to reach the interview stage and how to capture the employers attention.
There are certain techniques, strategies and secrets that anyone can use to be successful in getting job interviews and their dream jobs. Most people don’t know them, and because of this they make the same mistakes again and again, and fail to recognise the true purpose of the recruitment process and interview.

We saw the problems that job seekers faced. And we decided to create a Solution.

An Unprecedented Breakthrough

We have worked in recruitment departments. We have seen candidates come and go for interviews. Most of them were unprepared. They just never knew what a winning strategy was.

Many job seekers fail to reach the interview stage. And the majority of those who do manage to get an interview don’t even come close to getting the job, because they fail to recognise the true purpose of an interview.

We decided to create a solution that would help job seekers get job interviews and jobs. The task wasn’t easy. We didn’t want to base it just on theory like many other books out there. We wanted to experience the job seeking process ourselves. So we geared up and went practical!

We applied to jobs, went to job interviews, tried various strategies, used a range of techniques, until we finally created a winning formula. We discovered what actually worked. We literally cracked the code.

We put all of our techniques, strategies, tips, and secrets into an eBook. 

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Interview Secrets will show you how to get job interviews, and how to land your dream job. It is packed with exclusive inside information and tips that will give you the edge over other candidates. The information is proven to work in 2018. We have tested it again and again until we just got bored of being called in for interviews!

Once you discover the golden information inside, you will rise above other candidates. You will know the secrets, strategies and techniques for success. You will be ahead of the pack before the race has even begun. 

If you are struggling to find a job, was recently made redundant,  left education,  or just want a career change, then Interview Secrets is for you.

Take action today and get the job you deserve. Make your family and friends proud and build a successful career that will reward you for years to come. 

Summary of what you will Discover

Extraordinary secret techniques that will put you miles ahead

Incredible but simple ways to attract the employer and make them like you

Proven interview strategies that will make you the forerunner

Simple but effective ways to win group interviews all the time

An undercover strategy that will jump you to the front of the interview Queue

A remarkable way to control an interview and win employers over to your side

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